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Do You Wish To Save Energy in Your Home? | Dallas Local Electricians

Are you tired of spending most of your hard-earned money on your utility bill? Or are you trying to protect the environment by playing your part?

Well, either way, you’re in luck. Dallas electricians have found the best ways of reducing the energy usage in homes with a few simple home improvements. These range from some of the simplest home improvements and will slowly progress to extensive home adjustments.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common methods of conserving energy and saving electricity in your home. We’ll start from the easiest remedies and move onto those that will really test your commitment.

Top Methods of Conserving Energy According to Dallas Local Electricians

1.   Adjust Your Daily Electrical Consumption Behaviors

In order to reduce the overall consumption of energy in your home, you don’t really have to go out looking for products that are energy efficient. On the contrary, energy conservation is as simple as turning off appliance and lights when they are not being used.

You may also opt to do the tasks of some energy-intensive installations in your home. Try hanging your clothes in the open air instead of placing them in the dryer. You may even try washing your dishes instead of using the dishwasher.

Did you know that as much as half of the utility bill comprises of the home’s air conditioning and heating needs? With the help of these behavioral adjustments, you will be one step closer to saving money on utilities. Once you’re used to it, you will also pay attention to your thermostat in the winter and summer.

You may even take it one step further and ask your Dallas local electricians to help you install a home energy monitor. With the help of this, you can determine which part of your home is sucking up most of the energy.

2.   Use Smart Power Strips

Do you know what ‘phantom loads’ are? This phrase illustrates the amount of energy that is being used by electrical devices even though they are powered off. A major source of energy waste was found to be because of stand-by appliances according to Dallas local electricians. As much as 75% of the energy that is constituted to electrical appliance is consumed by appliances that are on standby.

Enter smart power strips. Some people also know these by the name of ‘advanced power strips’ and they completely eliminate the problem of phantom power strips. This is so because smart power strips act as a barrier between appliances and energy outlets when they are stand-by or not being used.

These smart power strips can also be programmed to begin saving energy at some assigned times which are known to have the least activity. Other than this, these can also be utilized with the help of ‘master devices’ or remote switches.

3.   Installing Smart or Programmable Thermostats

A smart or programmable thermostat is a device which automatically turns off at a time when cooling or heating is required the least. This can be in the times when you are away or asleep and installing these devices in your home can eliminate major chunks of wasted energy.

The best part about these devices is that they don’t ask you to sacrifice your comfort at all. To the contrary, they provide optimum levels of comfort with the lowest amounts of energy usage. There are also so many features of programmable thermostat that seem to progress with technologies. This includes the thermostat recognizing maintenance needs for your HVAC system or even when your air filters need to be replaced.

We know this has probably gotten you quite interested, so why not ask your Dallas local electricians to install one right away?

4.   Purchase Appliance That Are Energy Efficient

Did you know that appliances, on average, are responsible for approximately 13% of the total household’s energy consumption? This is why you may have seen Dallas local electricians or consumers considering the energy consumptions of appliances before making a purchase.

So when you’re out to purchase an appliance, make sure you pay attention to 2 important details. The price (of course) and its annual operating cost. The perfect energy efficient appliance, according to Dallas local electricians will have operating costs that are 25% less as opposed to conventional models.

Another thing to pay close attention to while purchasing appliances is the ‘Energy Star’ label on the packaging. This serves as a federal guarantee that promises the appliance to be energy conserving. The Energy Star also guarantees that these devices will consume much less energy on standby as opposed to standard models.

5.   Upgrading Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system is composed of air conditioning, ventilation, and heating equipment and all of these are responsible for as much as 40% of home energy use according to Dallas local electricians. These installations tend to consume a lot more energy when they have passed their useful years and are now older than (a maximum of) 15 years.

Other than this, as was mentioned in the previous point, buying HVAC systems with good energy ratings is also very important. Installations that have the best energy conservation ratings have been found to save as much as 12% on the heating bill and 16% on the overall energy bill.

Lastly, an important component to improve the overall energy efficiency of your home is the HVAC ventilation system. Dallas local electricians have found that if the ducts of these ventilation systems haven’t been sealed effectively, then the home won’t be properly insulated. As a result, HVAC systems will be working harder than they are supposed to keep your home comfortable.

There you have it, folks. If you need more advice for electrical conservation in your home, there is no one better to call than Dallas local electricians.

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