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Electricity has redefined the way the contemporary human population

leads its daily life. We are now so used to utilizing a wide range of electric appliances that we don’t realize the comfort, agility, and ease linked to their use. Similarly, many homeowners are also not fully aware of the wreck electric hazards can cause in residential settings.

As per the numbers furnished by the National Fire Protection Association, electric hazards were the underlying reasons for around 50,000 home fires per year in between 2007 and 2011. The majority of these fires broke out because of the faulty equipment that involved electrical distribution. Regular servicing and inspection from any good electrician in Dallas are, therefore, necessary if you want to minimize the risk of electric fires.

In order to increase the awareness among homeowners regarding this important subject,we will try to cover some key points in this article. There is no doubt that electric fires are dangerous, but it is also a fact that they are preventable by putting pertinent measures in place.

Common Causes of Electric Fires

Malfunctioning electronic articles, appliances, and recklessness of homeowners lay the foundation of any domestic electric fire. For that matter, homeowners are always advised not to overlook the electrical system of their abode for too long. Electric fires can easily be prevented if you have already scheduled periodic inspection and maintenance work from any trustworthy electrician in Dallas. Nevertheless, let’s have a look at some of the common reasons why electric fires go off in residential settings.

Faulty and Old Outlets

Outlets are the platforms from where electricity is relayed to the appliances from the external source. With time and without timely replacements from any professional electrician in Dallas, faults start to crop up in the outlets. Loose switches and sockets, corroded connection on the panel are some of the indicators of faulty and worn out electric outlets.

Worn Out Appliances

Worn out and poorly maintained electrical appliances with defective plugs and cords can also become the starting point for electric fires. Lousy appliance plugs don’tjust pose the threat of electrical shock. The overheating and sparks producing from them can also lead to electric fires.

Misuse of Extension Cords

Keep in mind that extension cords are only intended for temporary use. If you are permanently running some of the homeappliances on extension cords instead of fixed outlets, then you are making your abode more susceptible to electrical hazards. If that’s the case, call for a professional electrician in Dallas to replace your extension cords with a permanentelectrical solution.

Portable Electric Heaters

Extreme care is required if you are using an electric heater. In long winter nights when it is continuously used for several hours, its internal coil becomes so sweltering that it acquires the potential to light any nearby combustible item.

Wiring Issues

Worn out ingrained home wiring is extremely dangerous in connection with electric fires. Old residential constructions might be facing an unseen threat in the form of worn out wiring. The mounting load on the electric system of the house with the ever-increasing number of electrical appliances only deteriorates the conducting capabilities of the wiring. Therefore, have your house’s electric system inspected from any good electrician in Dallas, especiallyif you are living in an old house.

Tips For the Prevention of Electric Fires

As mentioned earlier, electric fire is not an inevitable phenomenon. Be taking certain measures, one can easily prevent the instances that could culminate into electric fires.

Abstain from Overloading the Outlets

Every fixed outlet is only good for bearing a preset value of the load. So, if you are trying to plug all electric appliances into a single panel, then you are only doing a disserviceto your home and family. An overloaded outlet administrating a large amount of current is a recipe for disaster.

Many times homeowners are guilty of this malpractice for the sake of convenience i.e. powering all the electronic appliances in a particular home space with a single outlet. Instead of putting the entire power burden on a single outlet, it is advised to add more outlets in the electricsystem of the house. Any fine electrician in Dallas can install new electric outlets in the house by keeping in mind the convenience of homeowners.

Installation of Surge Protectors

Power surges can occur in the electrical network of the house due to the fluctuations relayed from the main grid. These sudden voltage spikes are extremely dangerous. Not only can they damage the electric appliances that are on at the exact moment, extreme voltage spikes can also result inelectric fires.

For that matter, every seasoned electrician in Dallas recommends homeowners to install surge protectors with all those electric appliances operated on high voltage ratings. You can ask your nearby electrician in Dallas to suggest you the suitable surge protector makes that can help in neutralizing the sudden voltage spikes in the system.

Keep Flammable Material Away

Electricity can transform into heat if it gets in contact with any flammable material. From carpets to cleaning supplies, every household contains a lot of inflammable material. So, make sure that power cords, switches, receptacles and flammable house materials must be separated through enough distance. Any electrician in Dallas, no matter how skilled and experienced,can’t do anything if you are not taking care of this essential safety measure.

Regular Professional Inspection

Whether you are living in a newly built house or an old construction, it is really important to schedule regular inspections of the electric system of the abode byany skilled electrician in Dallas. They are multiple reasons that make their routine inspections crucial for the safety of the household from electrical hazards.

  • They can instantly detect the faulty and used up home wiring and consequently recommend the solution.
  • They can fix the load distribution on the power outlets by assessing the electric appliances used in the house.

Electric Pros promises to provide expert services of electricians in Dallas. Their skilled technicians are equipped to deal with every electric issue that can lead to fires and other hazards.

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