Avoiding Electrical Hazards within the Home: A Thorough Guide | Dallas Electrician

Every person should have basic electrical knowledge in order to avoid electrical accidents

or injuries within the home as they can often be very dangerous. There are some common hazards that you can look out for to avoid such accidents from occurring.

Since prevention is always better than cure, here are some necessary precautionary measures by Dallas Electrician Contractors that you can take to avoid common hazards in order to protect yourself and your family from dangers.

Old Wiring Needs Upgrades

Older homes often used aluminum wiring. This type of outdated wiring is more likely to malfunction or even catch fire. If your home hasn’t had electrical upgrades in more than 30 years, it is probably a good idea to invest in making sure that the wiring in your home is up to standard.

Some signs that show your house has outdated wiring is if the outbreaks trip frequently, if fuses blow up regularly, if upon using appliances the lights in your home flicker or dim randomly, or the switches in your home discolor, feel warm, or give of small shocks.

If you are experiencing any of the above phenomena in your home or your residence hasn’t had an electrical upgrade in a while, it is probably a good idea to call an expert. Many Dallas Electricians provide the service of inspecting the wiring in your homes. If there is any need for upgrades, they also have the expertise to resolve the problem immediately or recommend the best solution according to expert knowledge.

Water and Electricity Can’t Mix

All electrical appliances and components need to stay completely dry to ensure the safety of users. Experts recommend that all outdoor receptacles need to be covered except when in use, no electric tools should be used in a wet environment, and power cables or equipment are to be kept away from water at all costs.

If any appliance or electrical machine gets wet while it is plugged in it is actually recommended to refrain from unplugging it at once. The wet appliance can give severe electric shocks that may injure or cause burns. A better choice is to shut off the main power source before attempting to remove the device from the socket at all.

When a plugged device or any electrical item ends up getting wet, it is highly recommended to users that a Dallas Electrician is called to inspect the device. An expert like that would be better able to guide you on whether the device can be used safely, needs replacement, or needs minor repairs.

If necessary, they can also fix the device in the most efficient way possible as they have the expert knowledge to do so. Attempting to do it yourself may end up in the device malfunctioning beyond repair causing more costs for you. This is because each appliance behaves in a different manner which you may not know how to deal with effectively.

Don’t Overload Extension Cords

One of the most helpful electrical tools, the extension cord, can often be mishandled which can lead to danger. Many fires or short circuits are caused when people overload an extension cord with heavy duty items that heat up the system. Every electrical system has a certain capacity at which they can operate at optimum levels and overloading the device can cause major malfunctions.

If you need more outlets to hold all your devices a better option would be to call a Dallas Electrician to install more switches for you. If you hire a true expert like the ones working at Electric Pros, it will be better as they will also make sure that the power points or power boards in your home aren’t overloaded either.

Avoid Modifying Plugs At All Costs

Many old homes still do not have three-prong grounded plugs installed. Obsolete two-prong receptacles don’t usually allow any ground pins to be plugged in. If this is the case in your home, do not at any cost attempt to modify the electric plugs.

Videos on YouTube that show DIY methods to alter plugs using methods like removing ground pins, filing the blades of the plug, or using pliers to bend the plugs into a certain shape aren’t a very good idea. Following such tutorials can actually increase the chance of any person getting electrocuted and shocked or even starting a fire. Calling a Dallas Electrician to upgrade the plugs or sockets in your home would be a safer and long-term solution to the problem.

Protect Children by Covering Electric Outlets

Children often have a habit of being curious about the electrical outlets around the office, and can seriously injure themselves if they insert an object or their fingers into the socket. Protecting these children from electric shocks or burns is quite easy though.

Hiring a Dallas Electrician to install child safety wall plates can prevent accidents like this from happening. These plates are inexpensive and automatically snap back to cover the outlet when it is not in use. Experts like Electric Pros can also find the best quality items according to your specific house needs.

Keep a Check on Power Tools

Power tools begin to show damage around the insulation, blades, or grounding pin if they are overused and not maintained properly. This sort of damage may require technical expertise for which you will need to contact a Dallas Electrician so it’s recommended to take them out of commission until they can be repaired.

Other signs to watch out for are: if the power tools begin to overheat, give of small shocks, give off a burning smell, or release smoke.


Keeping your home should be a high priority especially when it comes to electricity as it can be fatal or cause fires. It’s better to invest in precautionary steps than to face any kind of danger. The best course of action would be to contact Electric Pros, your Dallas Electrician Contractor to inspect your home’s electrical system. Make sure you call Electric Pros, the established experts, to inspect as they give a wide variety of services and will be able to detect any kind of problem.

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