Dallas Local Electricians Will Make Quick Work of Your Power Problems

We fix power issues

Your home’s electrical system is highly complex; all those crisscrossing wires, panels and terminals can confuse anyone who isn’t well versed in the subject.

It also consists of many different components, which includes but is not limited to, fuse, capacitor, transistor, resistor, etc. This is why it’s important to contact a professional electrician if something goes wrong. You don’t want to electrocute yourself or misdiagnose the problem. Hence, you should call electricians in Dallas.

Our business practices are tailored to making sure that the customer always comes first. It’s no secret why we have been around for as long as we have with this strategy. Our trained professionals will make quick work of any electrical problem that you’re experiencing, from appliance repairs to fuse box repair to wiring issues and more.

The local electricians at Electric Pros are equipped with the expertise and experience to resolve any issue. They can repair all types of appliances and rewire entire homes to meet new and changing standards.

At Electric Pros, we make sure that your home, office buildings or commercial building is up to code with the latest federal and state laws and codes.

We’re also very punctual. In fact, we live by the following motto: “We’re on time, you’ll see, or the repair is free.” There is a lot of conviction behind that promise, one which we have been taking to the bank since the start of our operations.

Common Courtesy and Excellence

Our Dallas-based local electricians will treat your home like it’s their own and not leave a mess behind. Our trained technicians wear shoe covers and clean up all the mess that they make during the repairs and rewiring process. All of our electricians are up-to-date with the latest techniques and methods and technology involved in the field. They attend regular seminars and take classes to make sure that they don’t fall behind.

Great Pricing

Our Dallas local electricians are the best in the business because they evaluate every single situation the way it is meant to be analyzed. This means that they won’t overcharge or undercharge you for anything. They will make sure that they give the situation the time that it deserves and come up with an objective price point that satisfies the customer.

This is not only in the name of good business and ethics, but it is also in the name of being true to our word of providing the best services in every way.

Electrical Panels

Electrical panels are like the barrages or the canals to the dam that is holding back all the electrical power contained in those wires. It’s important that the electrical panel functions as is, so that there is no undue release of power. Our Dallas local electricians have been trained to recognize the gravity of this and ensure that their workmanship is up to scratch and that there is no room for error.

Household Wiring

Split wires and broken electrical panels aren’t just an eye sore; they also risky for you and your loved ones. They endanger everyone in the home and can lead to fire hazards as well.  Our expert Dallas local electricians make sure that all the interior wiring and electrical panels in your property are up- to-code.

We offer interior wiring on all sorts of projects, including solar panel installation, DSL installation and even for old homes in need of new wiring.


Electric Pros’ Dallas local electricians make sure that the lighting in your home conveys a sense of positivity and doesn’t leave you feeling gloomy, because bad lighting is even worse than the dark.

Task lighting works best when you have to examine things, read or write. Therefore, it’s perfect for laboratories, research facilities or home libraries. Accent lighting, however, serves a different purpose i.e. purely aesthetic. It adds to the aesthetic appeal of a space, and complements restaurants, bars, living rooms, and more.

General lighting just fills in the area that needs to be lit, so it doesn’t have any impressive specifications apart from brightness and range.

Then you have fluorescent and incandescent lighting, which are some of the oldest types of lighting available. The former involves using electricity to excite molecules of gas like argon and neon and mercury which leads to light production. The latter refers to bulbs with tungsten filaments (think Edison and Tesla).

Surge Protection

An electric surge is nothing new. It can occur at a time of excessive stress on the electric grid and can happen when there is a huge electrical storm or a natural disaster. It can also occur when a grid is overloaded due to illegal activity.

Our local electricians in Dallas give you surge protection for this very occurrence. These protections come in two types, point of use and the entire home. Now the point of use simply protects the appliance where it is installed. If you want your fridge, television or computer protected against surges, you can install a surge suppressor which resists voltage up to 6000 volts and makes sure that surges don’t blow out expensive appliances.

However, if you want to protect your whole home, you should get the entire home surge suppressor, which is positioned at the power supply to your home. It’s more economical to get this since it protects the entire home and will save you much more money than the point of use suppressors will.

So now you know what we can do and what we have up our sleeves so give us a call. Our Dallas electricians are waiting to pick up your call at Electric Pros.


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