Does Your House Need Rewiring This Winter? Dallas Electricians Can Help

Minor electric faults at home can lead to the occurrence of major accidents.

Your house may end up having an electric fire if you don’t look after your household wiring. Dallas electricians suggest that you should get your household wiring checked once at least every year. 

Winter season calls for celebrations. Holiday lights require a continuous supply of electricity. It is important that you ensure your household wiring is up to date to minimize electrical hazards.

Avoiding problems before they occur is better than recovering after the damage has been done. If you haven’t updated or checked your wiring for a long time, you should contact a reliable Dallas electrician asap.

What Should I Expect?

If you are planning to get your house rewired, you should prepare yourself mentally first. There are many things you need to consider before the process of rewiring starts.

Consider Each Room Separately

Wiring in your house extends into every room. Wires may be present behind walls and under the floor. So, rewiring is a messy process. Walls will be dug into, floor boards yanked loose. You need to plan everything before you call an electrician. You should consider every room separately and decide which room should be worked on first.

Your furniture will have to be moved from its place. A lot of drilling and cutting will take place, so you should prepare yourself for the disruption and noise. You should discuss everything with your electrician before proceeding with rewiring. You can contact a Dallas electrician at Electric Pros for planning and executing the process in a manner that does not cause much inconvenience to you.

Plan for the Future

Your house has appliances of various power ratings. Heavy-duty appliances should connect to outlets that can accommodate large power ratings. You should decide where you want to place your appliances so that the electrician can plan things accordingly. Wires that can withstand a large amount of current are connected to appliances with high power ratings. A Dallas electrician can help you plan efficiently.

Vacate Your House

Rewiring your house will create a dusty situation in your house. You should consider moving out for a few days until the rewiring is done. If moving out isn’t an option, you and your family can shift into one room temporarily. Vacating your house is a feasible option because it would be difficult to live in one room with a lot of noise and disturbance.

Why is Rewiring Needed?

There are many signs that indicate your house needs rewiring. If you ignore these signs, you may end up in dangerous situations. Most homeowners ignore the minor electrical faults in their houses which makes them pay a heavy price for it.

An electrician should inspect your house regularly, to make sure your electrical system is up to date. You can hire a Dallas Electrician to inspect your house.

Tripped Breakers

As the winter season is approaching, the electricity consumption of your house will increase. Heaters, lights, holiday decorations all need electricity. It will overload your house wiring and eventually cause your breaker to trip. You might notice blown fuses as a sign of overload as well. Circuit breakers and fuses protect your house wiring from overload. A blown fuse and a tripped breaker indicate that you need to check your house wiring. You should contact a professional electrician to do it for you. 

Flickering Lights

The flickering of light occurs when the lights brighten and dim rapidly. It may happen because of a loose bulb connection or your lamp is not plugged in properly. These reasons are not hazardous.

Another reason for flickering lights is that your house wiring has a loose connection somewhere or it has broken down in between. This is a threat to your house. Worn out wires can catch fire easily. You need to hire an electrician to fix your house wiring. A Dallas electrician can help you rewire your house.

Hot Switches and Plugs

Have you ever noticed that the switch feels hot when you press it? Or the cord of your mobile charger gets unusually hot? Well, that is because you have faulty wiring in your house.

A switch becomes hot when there is a broken or loose wire. The current is forced through a smaller path, causing the switch to become hot. This condition is also a fire hazard. The best solution for this problem is to hire a Dallas electrician.

Burning Odor

Another sign of faulty wiring is burning odor. If you smell that something is burning, you should look for burnt outlets or switches. If you don’t find anything, you should call an electrician to have a look. Switches and outlets burn due to overload caused by faulty or broken wiring. It indicates that you need to get rewiring done.

Damaged Wiring

If you have pets in your house, they might chew on wiring present on walls and floors. Rodents may also chew on your wiring, causing it to break. You should look out for damaged wiring and get them fixed immediately. You should call a Dallas electrician to fix your house wiring.

Moving into Another House

You should consider getting rewiring done if you are thinking of moving. Old houses tend to have faulty wiring. If the useful life of wiring is over, you need to replace it.

If you are considering getting your house extended, you need to rewire your household wiring. Extension of your house would mean more lights, fans, and electrical appliances, resulting in a greater load on your wiring.

Advantages of Getting Your House Rewired

Now that you know what the signs of faulty wiring are, you must not ignore them. You need to know why it is important to get your house rewired.

1. Increased Capacity

Rewiring your house means your electrical system will have a greater load capacity. It can handle more electrical appliances without getting overloaded. So, you can bring the new washing machine that you’ve been wishing to buy lately, without worrying about overload.

2. Improved Security

By getting your house rewired, you are decreasing the electrical hazards in your house. It is beneficial for you and your family because the chances of an electrical fire would be decreased significantly.

3. Boosted House Value

A rewired house has a greater sale value as compared to a house with old wiring. Buyers look for houses that have the latest electrical system and proper wiring. So, if you are planning to sell your house, getting it rewired will increase its value in the market.

Hiring a qualified electrician to inspect your house for electrical faults is a great idea. Electric Pros provides the best Dallas electrician at your doorstep. You can call us at (972) 392-7767.


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