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The availability of electric power is the yardstick by which civilization can be measured today. This is apparent if satellite images of the Earth are examined. Third world countries and developing countries clearly show scarcity of light and developed countries or first world countries show an abundance of it. Some of the starkest contrasts between countries that are more advanced and those that are less advanced can be found between the two Koreas. South Korea is lit up completely and glowing beside North Korea which is only lit up in certain places and looks like a barren wasteland in regards to electric power.

America has been fortunate to be the birth place, or adopted home, of more than a few titans in the electric power industry. Thomas Alva Edison, Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse revolutionized the world for electric power. Electric Pros honors the legacies of these great men each day when our Dallas Electricians provide quick and quality service to our customers.

Electric Power is a Time Machine

Electric power has the effect that a time machine has on our civilization. If the power is knocked out in a town, on a city block or even in a neighborhood, that place is transported back to a time when electric appliances don’t work, the internet is not available and communication with other people is only possible through appliances that are powered by batteries.

A bigger disaster is possible if an electromagnetic pulse hits. It effectively scrambles electric fields so that no electric appliances or power works properly. That would transport you back more than a hundred years where only hand cranked machines and coal and oil powered appliances would be your only options. Electric power is truly invaluable, and we at Electric Pros understand that.

Our Work Ethic

We employ the best Dallas Electricians who understand how valuable electric power is. They will treat your home as the sanctuary that you consider it to be. If you call on us for repairs, for installations, lighting fixtures or installing outlets, you will find that we will facilitate any type of customization you want so that your home stays just as it is, yours.

There will be no unwanted additions or inconvenient installations. There will only be the best that Electric Pros has to offer. Our Dallas Electricians respect the fact that electric power, though extremely important for society and clearly an essential need of the day, can be dangerous if handled improperly. This is why they have specific protocols in place for every eventuality. These range from safety procedures to examinations and from scanning catalogues to find the best fit for your home to scrutinizing the surroundings for any blind spots that may aggravate the current situation.

Our Services

There are a plethora of services that our Dallas Electricians offer under the umbrella of Electric Pros. This includes a basic installation of electrical switches, outlets and fixtures. These can break, wear out and break loose for a number of reasons, mostly because they are perhaps the most utilized electrical accessories in the home. Over use gets the best of any appliance, so it is true of switches and outlets.

Our Dallas Electricians also install fuses and breakers which are essential to keep electric power flowing through your home without overloading your wiring. Then there are electric panel upgrades which are needed less frequently, but always better to stay modern so that you can take advantage of all the scientific progress that goes on unappreciated in the background.

We offer meter upgrades, installation of track and accent lighting, landscape lights and security lights, lighting fixtures and ceiling fans and advanced surge protection that keeps your home resistant to power surges.

Our Dallas Electricians can provide code corrections and smoke detector installations so your house is primed for safety. Finally, we can also provide rewiring of the entire house or for a single room and even for remodeling projects. The needs of the customer are always primary and everything else comes later.

Our Electricians

You’ve heard a lot about our Dallas Electrician above and they deserve the praise that they get because apart from being the best at their jobs, they’re also incredibly qualified and aligned with the most ethical standards in the service industry.

They provide top commercial contracting services for your home. Cheap alternatives are a waste of time when you can have the best that Dallas Electricians have to offer. They have the best certifications and boast thousands of satisfied customer reviews collectively. They’re there for emergencies and urgent calls as well as 24 hour services.

Our Legacy

Electric Pros doesn’t take its legacy lightly. Our name doesn’t have the word Pro in it without reason. We’ve been in business for more than three decades so we have literally hundreds of thousands of hours of experience in our belt. And that experience has come with a lot of wisdom. Our Dallas Electricians have seen every type of problem that a homeowner or commercial builder or office owner can experience and then some.

This experience in our tool belt comes in handy when faced with new problems because we can compare and contrast with other problems we’ve had in the past. This provides a base from which we can assess new situations. And as far as those problems which plague everyday homeowners, we know them inside and out and the instructions are imprinted in our minds in indelible ink.

So whenever you’re facing a problem with your appliances, when you need new lights installed, when you need sockets, panels and switches replaced or when you run in to any sort of problem involving electric power, please call Electric Pros. Our Dallas Electricians are diligently waiting for your calls; their tool belts adorned with tools and their convictions rock solid. What are you waiting for?

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