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Safe Electricity System

A place can only be called a home when it provides utility, a sense of safety and comfort needed and desired by the occupants. To makes sure that you are having an ideal living, it is important to foolproof your home not only from the outside threats, but also from the unseen ever-present dangers. Of all these invisible domestic hazards, here we are talking about home electrical systems. We are so used to the convenience and utility of them that we often forget about all the hazards related to domestic electrical appliances. Make sure that you and all your family members must be aware of all the electric safety precautions. Guidance from electrician in Dallas will provide you with a better knowledge on the subject.

Electrical Cords

Cords provide the integral connection between each and every domestic appliance and the electric supply of the house. Unlike wiring, electric cables are out there in the open and hence need better care and maintenance. Even though they are insulated but still pose danger, particularly if treated irresponsibly. To make sure that electric cords in domestic setting remain hazard-free, practice these safety measures.

Regular Checkups

External wires and cords are fitted in uncovered home settings and therefore more prone to wear and tear. Have them regularly check for any cracks, frays and scaling insulation from a professional electrician in Dallas. Professionals got an eye for details and even a minor kink in cords can’t go unnoticed from their skillful inspection.

Avoid the Misuse

Bear in mind that an electrical cord is not an item built to serve multiple purposes. They are intended to relay electricity to machines and that’s it. Even if they are not in use, don’t use them as ropes or cloth lines since they are not built to serve these non-electric purposes.

Prevent Loose Connection

Establishing a firm connection of cords with electrical outlets is a never-ending nuisance for households. Oftentimes, the plug of the cord remains wobbly in the outlet resulting in loose electric connection. Loose electric connections are ticking time bombs and might result in burns and heat damage. Loose connections are dangerous for living beings and can destroy outlets and cables. Make sure that outlets of good quality are installed and at appropriate locations so that you don’t have to face the inconvenience and dangers of loose connections.

Placement of Cords

Placement of cables in and around the house also poses a safety concern. Don’t pinch, staple or nail multiple cords together. Instead use non-conducting material to hold them together (twist ties and tapes). Secondly, don’t put them under the rugs and other articles where they can’t be seen. There are multiple reasons of not putting electric cables in such places.
  • They will create trip hazard
  • Noticing any deterioration will become difficult
  • Further covering on an already insulated wire might heat it up
If you are unable to take care of all the electric cables on your own then get the services of Dallas electricians rather than leaving them as it is.

Avoid Using Extension Cords

We have to use extension cords when electrical outlets are not available on appropriate locations. However, extension cords are not very much of help. They add more clutter to the space while posing trip hazard, especially in houses with seniors, children and pets. A permanent answer to this problem is to add more electrical outlets instead of using extension cords. Dallas electrician contractors can help you in locating the most suitable spots and installing more electric outlets.

Electric Outlets

Electrical outlets are located on the other end of the cord and also contain some unseen hazards. Therefore, they must also be taken care of with the help of a professional electrician in Dallas.

Installation at Appropriate Height

Sockets in electric outlets have got an unfathomable interest of children. They amuse themselves by putting everything in their hands in outlets. This activity can prove to be very dangerous. So, always have your electric outlets installed at appropriate height from the ground (at least 4 feet) to make them unreachable for children.

Don’t Overstuff

Even a good outlet works when it is loaded with moderate electrical consumption. Putting all the adapters into a single outlet is not recommended. Also, don’t try to push two-pronged plugs in the sockets intended for three-pronged ones. These forced contacts can result in loose connections. At the time of installation ask your Dallas electrician contractors to install outlets that can accommodate both types of plugs.

Installation of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

Outlets that are installed near the areas exposed to water (kitchen, bathrooms, pool decks etc) must be fitted with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCT). GFCTs break the circuit when electricity is detected to go in unintended paths i.e. through water and or some living body. If you are having your domestic electric installation from professional Dallas electrician contractors then you don’t have to ask for GFCTs because they know which electric outlets needed this preventive device.

Keep a Distance Between Lighting Fixtures and Inflammable House Articles

Most of us don’t consider electric bulbs and other lighting fixtures as a source of hazard. Lighting fixtures installed near inflammable house articles has a potential for electric fires. So make sure that electric lighting has enough distance from all such household items. Aside from these critical safety measures, there are some everyday precautionary tips recommended by professional electricians in Dallas and should be followed by every household.
  • Don’t allow children and pets to play in close proximity of electric wires and appliances
  • Don’t persist with wobbly and heated electric switches, get them replaced as soon as possible
  • Don’t try to do electric repairs and maintenances on your own, always call for a professional electrician in Dallas
You must know the exact locations of fuses and circuit breaker installations in your house to control them in any case of emergency. Electric Pros are the finest Dallas electrician contractors who can make sure that your home has a foolproof electric system. Their services are also available round-the-clock for any electrical emergency.
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