Here are some common electrical wiring problems faced | Electrician in Dallas, TX

Here are some common electrical wiring problems faced | Electrician in Dallas, TX

Common electrical wiring problems

Wherever one employs electricity to drive something, there will always be electrical problems. Some problems can be fixed very easily at home and do not require one to run to the electrician with the smallest of issues. A regular consultation would be helpful with your local Electrician in Dallas. It is advised to reach out to electricians whenever you suspect something of being out of place. Sometimes the slightest problems tend to create the most dangerous situations. One can save a great time simply by identifying the problem correctly while reaching out to the service. This would make it easier for them to respond as well as faster for them to give you a solution if it is not a major risk.

Here are some common electrical problems that we encountered in the local DFW area and which usually are easy to identify:

Power Fluctuation

There are a number of reasons why power surges or voltage fluctuations occur:

  • Poor wiring in the house
  • Lightning strikes
  • Faulty appliances
  • Damaged power lines.

Surges commonly last for a few seconds. Frequent or violent surges can result in the equipment being damaged. This destroys a product’s life, as well as the wires that supply the power to them. If you have any difficulty in identifying the fault, contact your local electrician contractors in Dallas, as soon as you can.


Having a bulb that does not appropriately suit the socket specifications may work, but it is a code violation and the risk level is quite high. The high heat from the bulb can melt the socket and insulation present in the wires of the fixture. This results in sparks from one wire to another and causes electrical fires. Even after the bulb is removed, the socket and wires will still be under stress.

It is always better to heed the fittings’ specifications by staying within the wattage. If the fixtures are not marked with wattage, it is advisable to use a 60-watt or weaker bulb.

An Uncovered Power box

A power box accommodates all of the wires that connect the facility to the main power grid. If it isn’t secured properly, any curious individual could suffer from partial or total electrocution. This is a code violation with a minimal risk rating, if the wires are buried or secured in a different manner, ensuring that the user does not encounter loose or broken wires.

Dysfunctional light switches

It is relatively easier to point out bad workmanship in this regard. It is fairly common for smaller businesses to be working with sub-standard products to reduce cost; this in turn costs more in repairs and replacements. This damages the wires connecting the lot. This is fairly common and usually is a result of; faulty wiring, bad circuitry or a nonfunctional or misplaced outlet. It is advisable that you call upon a local Dallas Electrician to tend to this issue.


This is a telltale sign of frayed wiring and is not something one should stress over as it is a mini-surge and it can be avoided by securing the power line. It is not a code violation in the legal sense, but has an elevated level of risk associated to it, as it can spontaneously start a fire because of rough weather conditions. Ideally, one should not need an electrician as it does not pose a threat in most situations, but if your area experiences strong winds and rainstorms it is highly advised to get a consultation from your local Electrician in Dallas.

Tripping circuit breakers

When other high-powered equipment is being used before you plug in a microwave or hairdryer there is a high chance your breaker will trip. Why is that? Well, tripping is actually a sign that your home is protected. This ensures that the power load does not exceed capacity and therefore does not overload the breaker.

Lack of installed outlets

It is considered common practice for one to employ an extension cord, when they run out of space for an outlet. This enables them to hook multiple devices on to the same outlet. Enabling them to utilize the outlet to the maximum extent, but in most cases, an extension cord may not have a fuse. This can lead to the socket being overloaded as well as being a fire hazard. This can be solved very easily if one relies on their local electrician in Dallas and has the outlet rewired to accommodate more power.

No RCCB (RCCB, also known as Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB))

 This is used to earth the charge from the main supply when the circuit has been compromised. By using an RCCB you can;

  • Ensure protection against direct and indirect contact with electricity,
  • Minimize the hazard of starting an electric fire
  • Ensure that the containment system is not overloaded or overheated

Loose wires

The wires at the back can loosen during the installation of new switches. This can be hazardous for any worker. They have a lower tendency to occur in those switches anchored around screw terminals. The risk occurs only when the loose wires are in the worst possible condition. This means that they cannot be manipulated in this light; therefore, are harder to ensure that they would be connected or even safe to work with. If you like to work on your residential circuitry, it is advisable for you to have your local Dallas electrician and a paramedic on speed dial in case of an emergency.

Always be wary of electrical problems in homes, as they are capable of creating big situations out of miniscule errors and one can expect something as vast as an electric fire out of one split or unattended wire. There are at times when electronic appliances go bad or problems occur due to faulty wiring, this cannot be fixed as easily and ideally should be replaced to avoid bigger hazards from appearing.

To better understand your circuitry and house wirings please book a consultation with your local Electricians in Dallas, the Electric-Pros

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