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Celebratory lighting, effects, lights and decorations are becoming an increasing competition between people in the DFW area.

Unfortunately, most homeowners nor local Dallas Electricians in Dallas are not prepared and their houses are not wired to support that level of electrical current consistently. This  means they should be more informed and in hindsight should consult their local Dallas electrician on the matter. Each time we plug in another string of lights or an extra dancing Santa display, we are putting more and more pressure on our outlets. That pressure can quickly lead to an electrical fire in your home.

Plugging in Your Decorations

Home outlets are only meant to support a certain specification of load or else they would have to be recalibrated. Using extension cords and multi-plug outlet extenders can cause unsafe currents to pulse through your home. Start with the right equipment and know the electrical fire warning signs.

Electrical Safety Do’s:

  • Use surge protectors.
  • Know your electrical outlet loads.
  • Unwrap any electrical cords while in use.
  • Move cords away from any heat source.
  • Make sure all extension cords and otherwise have open air to avoid overheating.
  • Check the emissions on outlets, cords and plugs.

Electrical Safety Don’ts:

  • DON’T use frayed or damaged extension cords.
  • DON’T pinch extension cords between windows or furniture.
  • DON’T hide extension cords under rugs, tape, etc.
  • DON’T leave extension cords wrapped while plugged in.
  • DON’T ignore buzzing, crackling or sizzling sounds coming from your electrical outlets or extension cords.
  • DON’T run extension cords behind TVs and entertainment systems as they often heat when in use.

Electrical Fire Warning Signs

Most electrical fires are preventable if you can watch out carefully for signs. Any warm outlet, cord or plug needs to be unplugged immediately this is because they have a higher chance of blowing up into flames. Listen to your outlets when you turn on appliances if they crackle and splatter sparks they should be changed as soon as possible. Are they shirring, sparking or buzzing? If so, remove any electronics and immediately call your Local Dallas electrician. Extension cords were created for short-term use and mainly as an emergency situation that one could use to improve the condition of a room in case multiple devices need to be used and there aren’t enough sockets. Leaving them plugged in for weeks while you light up your sleigh may cause unwanted electrical sparks along with a series of devices being messed up or wasted. For a sensible estimate on what you need to get done call in your local Dallas electrician for an inspection.

What to do if there is a Fire

Even if you take all the right steps, electrical fires still occur and realistically they cannot stop. Whether due to poor electrical wiring, lightening, inappropriately maintained fuse boxes or faulting surge protectors, electrical fires can have devastating effects. If you experience a fire, call your attorney immediately to help get you back on your feet faster, and be sure to call your local Dallas electrician to ensure that you do not make the same mistake twice.

There are over 25,000 or more electrical fires reported every single year in the United States. And honestly it takes a person to be pretty darn stupid to not understand that these issues are common and need the public trained on what to do when a fire happens. The most important part of this was that 25,000 are reported and there are thousands that are fraudulent or unreported. There are also multiple others that would not become statistics if people were to just be a little more careful. To better understand how you can protect your house call in your Local Dallas Electricians, The Electric Pros.

Use These 6 Tips to Avoid Electrical Fires

Most of these tips are simple and easy to follow:

  1. Never overburden an outlet. Circuits are only designed to handle so much, and they aren’t going to stop you from trying to plug one last thing into that outlet.
  2. Pay attention to outlets near water sources. Kitchens, utility rooms, and garages should be equipped with GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) outlets that are safe to use around water sources.
  3. Don’t leave electrical devices unattended. And this goes double for appliances in the kitchen—the number one place home fires start!
  4. Never leave flammables near cords, outlets, or heat sources. Be aware of where drapes or carpets might fall near your electrical devices. Electricity generates heat, and while in most cases the amount is mild, even a steadily rising temperature can lead to ignited flammables if left alone for too long.
  5. Get rid of under-performing appliances. Things like faulty equipment can prove to be as deadly as time bombs waiting to go off. Just because nothing has gone wrong yet doesn’t mean nothing will. There’s a reason they’re called accidents! To avoid them you can always call in your local Dallas Electrician to help identify what goes where.
  6. Seek routine electrical safety and code inspections. There are tons of little things to keep up with in a home, and it’s unreasonable to expect you to know exactly how old your wiring, smoke alarms, appliances, and lights all may be.



That’s what professional inspections are for! So, contact your local Dallas Electrician today and book a consultation. The experts always have the right tools and training to check all of your electrical systems in a matter of an hour or two. Contact your local Dallas electrician today.

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