The Dallas Reunion Tower And Observation Deck

Experience the Views from The Dallas Reunion Tower And Observation Deck

You are going to absolutely want to check out the views from the observation deck at Reunion Tower in Dallas. The entire city skyline is right there in front of your face, and it is amazing. You are talking about 360-degree views, and that just can’t be beaten. A visit to Reunion Tower, however, isn’t just about the observation deck, as there is more to the experience that awaits you.

How would you like to dine out while you are up that high in the air? There is a Wolfgang Puck restaurant up there, and you can imagine that means you are going to enjoying a great dinner. Reviews mention that while the views and the dining experience can be enjoyed in the afternoon, the best time to go is during the evening. Maybe you would like to take in both city views though, opting for day and night.

You could always start off right before sunset having a drink or two at the bar. Check out the observation deck, head on over to dinner, and then enjoy some time checking out the views afterward, perhaps with a nightcap. Now that sounds like the complete Dallas Reunion Tower experience, don’t you think?

Are you going on a date? The reason I ask is that this place, including the restaurant, is said to be very romantic. It doesn’t mean you have to be on a date to go there. You can make it a family outing, business dinner or a night out with friends, too. It’s just a great opportunity if you plan to be going on a date in Dallas with your partner. It would be an extra special experience.

Imagine having a romantic dinner and then being in each other’s arms standing there checking out the nighttime views together. If you are traveling as a family, this tower is also said to be a hit with the kids. They are always up for some excitement, and those views are certainly exciting. The elevator will take you up to the top, and then you are ready to start your experience.

There are also interactive computers according to reviews, and did you know that Reunion Tower ranks #14 in terms of things to do in Dallas? That’s really cool, and it is located at 300 Reunion Boulevard East. Get that birdseye view from the GeO-Deck of Reunion Tower, enjoy dinner, watch the sunset, have some drinks and call it a full day.

As you can well imagine, people report spending hours from the elevator ride up to the elevator ride down. It is going to be one amazing experience, as it’s one of the best ways to see all of Dallas, especially since you see it all at once. It’s one of those ways to see what you didn’t get to see if you catch my drift. Kick off your vacation or end your vacation with a visit to the Dallas Reunion Tower and Observation Deck, whatever fits your fancy.

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