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Energy-Efficient Lights

Energy-efficient lights installed in your home can help you save a lot of money.

 Unlike the traditional lights which consume a huge amount of energy, the new technology is not only economical but also emits light spectrums which are suitable for a better vision.

The traditional incandescent lights consume 90% more energy than these lights, therefore the demand for these conventional bulbs has reduced. Dallas local electricians highly recommend energy-efficient lights.

When it comes to the latest technology of energy-efficient lights, there are two types which are known for their power saving abilities.

1. Light Emitting Diode (LED)

LEDs are solid and extremely energy-efficient bulbs.  Earlier the use of LED was limited in instrument panels, electronics and in the strings of Christmas lights, but now their usage has expanded significantly.

Unlike the light produced by the incandescent bulbs, a beam from these bulbs is directional which spreads the light more spherically.

Benefits of LED lights


These energy-efficient lights come with other benefits which are backed by Dallas local electricians.

  • These lights are incredibly long-lasting. 9 times more Compared to a compact fluorescent light (CFL) and 40 times more than an incandescent light.
  • They are more durable than a typical incandescent bulb because they are solid and can hold up well to bumping situations.
  • These bulbs produce a cool light as compared to the incandescent bulbs which produce 90% more heat.
  • These bulbs are mercury free.
  • The cost of these bulbs might be a little high than other lights, but their long-lasting and energy-efficient abilities make them cost friendly.
  • LED light bulbs only use 2-17 watts of electricity.
  • They are an efficient option for lighting. The house equipped with LEDs remains cool and saves money on a replacement as well because of their long durability. Even a small LED flashlight will last 15 times longer than an incandescent bulb.
  • Those remote areas where there is no electrical connections and generators are the only power source; LEDs are a practical option for such places. Many LEDs can run even on a small portable generator.

Different types of LED lights

1.   Omnidirectional led bulbs

In this style, clusters of LED bulbs are covered with a dimpled lens which produces a diffused light beam. These bulbs are used for lighting rooms and used in reading lamps, porches and accent lamps.

2.   LED tube lights

These are designed to replace fluorescent tube lights. By replacing LEDs with fluorescent tube lights you can save 50% of the energy.  These lights can save money as they are a more durable option.

3.   LED panels

This light style comes in different sizes and can easily replace overhead lighting both in commercial and residential places.

4.   Dimmable globe LED bulbs

This bulb is designed to replace the globe bulbs. So basically, it can be used in bathroom vanities or any other place where a globe bulb is required. These bulbs produce light equivalent to a 40-watt incandescent bulb while only consuming 10 watts of power.

5.   Flood reflector LED bulbs

This flame tip light consumes only 3 watts of power while generating a light beam equivalent to a 30 watt traditional bulb. Mainly used for lighting pots and housings

6.   LED string lights

These lights are used for Christmas trees and other decoration purposes and can help you save a lot of money on your celebrations by cutting lightings cost by 95%.

Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL)


These are the lights widely used these days and store shelves are mostly filled with these bulbs. They combine the light efficiency of fluorescent lights and the convenience of an incandescent bulb.

They are designed to replace incandescent bulbs; a CFL bulb gives an exceptional quality light compared to that of an incandescent while saving up to 75% power.

As per Dallas local electricians, CFL is mostly being used these days.

Benefits of CFL lights

These lights come with the following benefits:

  • CFL lights are more durable than incandescent bulbs; with 4 times more efficiency and 10 times more long-lasting feature, CFL bulbs have made the traditional bulbs go obsolete.
  • CFL bulbs are more expensive than conventional bulbs but their long lifespan makes them economical.
  • These bulbs are versatile, they can be used in lamps, ceiling lights, porch light and track lights.
  • A CFL bulb comes with a technology that produces quality light. Unlike the whiter tone fluorescent, CFL has a warm tone because of the rare earth phosphor that is used. The newer electronically blasted CFLs don’t flicker.
  • It is an environmental friendly; a single bulb can cut the production of half-ton carbon-dioxide during its lifespan.

Different types of CFL lights


1.   Spiral lamps

The most commonly used spiral lamp has replaced the conventional bulb. These are made in different powers and sizes and are widely used in residential building and houses.

2.   Flood lamps

These lights are used in both outdoor and indoor fixtures. They provide a balanced and diffused white light. They produce less heat as compared to an incandescent bulb.

3.   Candelabra bulbs

These torpedo-shaped bulbs are designed for small fixtures inside the house.

4.   Triple Tube Lamps

More tube in a smaller circumference enables these CFL bulbs to produce more light than ordinary bulbs. These bulbs can pack a huge amount of light in small areas and can be used in fixtures meant for incandescent bulbs.

Downsides of CFL bulbs


According to the Dallas local electricians, there are some downsides to the CFL light system:

  • Their lifecycle can shorten by continuous on and off.
  • These are retail purpose lights and can’t be used as a spotlight.
  • These lights have some mercury content which is harmful to human health.
  • In colder environment, these lights can’t perform with their full capacity.


As per Dallas electrician contractors, both of these lights are energy efficient and have revolutionized the lighting industry. But having said this, CFL technology has some downsides and limitation, while the LED system is proving to be the future of the light bulbs.

If you are looking forward to replacing the light bulbs in your house with one of these, you are advised to hire Dallas local electricians.

 You can hire Electric Pros, a company that provides highly skilled electricians in Dallas. They are just a call away and can help you  illuminate your place in the most professional, convenient manner possible!

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