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As per the Dallas electrician contractors, whether your house is old or new, getting your house wiring inspected by an electrician annually is a must.

Reducing your electric city consumption may lower the bills, but there are situations, when switching off your electric devices is just not possible. So the actual way of saving energy and some dollars is installing an efficient wiring system in your house.

Problems with faulty wiring can result in leakage of electricity in many ways. Not only an old wiring can cause your bills to go up, other than this your house is also at the risk of a fire hazard. Dallas electrician contractors recommend getting your house wiring checked annually.

Does your house need rewiring?

If you live in an old house the chances are high that the wiring of your house is outdated and needs to be changed. In the old days wirings were coated with a rubber based material which in a long run can expose the wires which can cause a shot-circuit and your house might end up on fire.

Safety is a top concern, therefore a faulty wiring is a real threat to your house, if you haven’t updated your house’s wiring system since a quite while. As per Dallas electrician contractors there are some signs, which indicate your wiring system needs an upgrade. The signs are as under:

  • Smell of burnt plastic with a sizzling sound coming from your switch boards
  • Noticeable damaged wires in the circuit
  • Regular circuit trips and blown fuses
  • Lights not operating properly and are always blinking. This means that the connection is overloaded.
  • Burnt and rusted sockets
  • Sparks while plugging and unplugging
  • Getting an electric sock on a contact with the socket
  • Fused electrical appliances


If you are experiencing any of these signs, you are advised to get a skilled electrician and get your wiring system inspected. 

Benefits of rewiring your house

1.   Lower electricity bills

An efficient and advanced wiring can save you a fortune; the new wiring will maintain a good electricity flow without heating the circuit.

According to the Dallas electrician contractors, there is another way you can lower those bills by efficient wiring and that is by installing the wire one size larger than the required size.

As per Dallas electrician contractors, by upsizing the wire a person can reduce their bills to a large extent. Not only this method will save money, but it will keep the circuit cool and less heated; less generated heat means that less power will be required by the electrical devices to operate.


2.   Safety

As per Dallas electrician contractors, getting a new wiring system installed at you place eliminates many factors of having a short-circuit. It might be easy for you to get an insurance plan easily if you have a new wiring system installed because the insurance companies are very well aware of the dangers of a faulty wiring.

A new system will save you from those horrible electrical shocks that can easily numb your body and a severe shock can be fatal as well.


3.   A better impression

Blinking lights, burnt sockets and charred outlets can cause embarrassment in front of the guests. And most importantly you don’t want your hospitality get questioned if your guest gets an electric shock. So it is essential to keep your wiring system updated.

Moreover, a new system will give your house a clean and furnished look that will help you create a good impression on the visitors.  


4.   Increased value of your house

A new wiring system can add to the value of your house significantly. Old electrical and wiring systems are a setback for the house and can easily scare the potential buyers away.

When to get new wiring installed?


Other than the wiring being old, there are other situations where you should opt for getting a new wiring system. As per Dallas electrician contractors, you should think of rewiring your house under these circumstances:

1.   Increase in energy consumption

If you are planning to install high energy consuming devices in your house like the air conditioners, refrigerators etc. it is recommended by the Dallas electrician contractors to get in touch with an electrician and get the necessary wiring done.


2.   House extension

In case you are wanting to add some infrastructure to your house, you will need to get a new wiring system for the building.


3.    In case of a short-circuit

There might be a situation where a certain part of your house gets a short circuit; then you will have to hire a technician to install new wiring for that particular area only.

A long-term investment

Undoubtedly, getting your entire house rewired is expensive; but if properly installed, it is a long-standing investment that also adds to your house value and safety.  

There are number of factors that decide for how long the wiring lasts. Dallas electrician contractors suggest that professional and experienced electricians should be hired for the job; if the wiring isn’t installed correctly there might be some dangerous consequences, so it’s better to be proactive and hire a professional rather than being a reactive.

As discussed earlier an efficient wiring can increase your property value as proper wiring is a priority concern for the future homeowners.



According to the Dallas electrician contractors, faulty and old wiring is dangerous if left unattended. Never try fixing these issues on your own, as high risk is involved in such work. It is recommended to always hire a capable electrician who can efficiently rewire your house.

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