Tips for Buying an Installing Ceiling Fans Dallas, TX Local Electricians

Tips for Buying and Installing Ceiling Fans | Dallas, TX Local Electricians

Ceiling Fans – Choosing and Installing Tips

Ceiling fans are a functional and decorative addition to any house. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. The choice of the ideal type depends on the use, the individual style and the taste of each one.

The ceiling fans are available at local decoration centers, home product stores and online stores. They are economical and can help cut energy costs drastically. To ensure getting your hands on the best deals, consider the following aspects:


There are numerous kinds of fans on the market pertaining to style and size. So, you can easily find a type to suit the decor and room size you have.

  • For a contemporary look, pick smooth and monochrome fans with 3 or 4 blades. Smooth lines can add a touch of sophistication and distinction to any room.
  • Choose a fan with solid steel blades for an ultra-modern look.
  • If you prefer more traditional style, choose a wood fan with least adornment and 4 or 5 blades.
  • Victorian style fans generally come with dark ornaments.
  • For children’s room, you can choose themed fans such as a character of cartoon or superhero.

To get the fans installed properly, hire the Dallas local electricians.


Most fans are ideal for indoor use. But if you need to use it in open space, it’s vital that you get one exclusively manufactured for outdoors. Those fans can endure variations of temperature, moisture and direct sunlight. You can contact Dallas local electricians to understand the price requirement in your area.

  • Choose a fan with the feature of dual direction. The change in blades’ direction can help warm or cool a room as needed.
  • Most fans will offer two or three speeds, but there are some models with several speeds. So, choose the option as per your preference.
  • Fans typically include light or the possibility of adding lights. The upward lights will direct light towards the ceiling achieving a soft sheen, which brings romance and sophistication to the environment.
  • Try to choose a design that does not hinder performance.


While often overlooked, one of the most important aspects of performance and comfort level in any room is the quality of the ceiling fan blades. Even though you hardly notice them, changing some degrees in angle can drastically change the airflow produced by the ceiling fan.

With a little more than necessary blade size and angle, a room can be overwhelmed with the force of the wind. On the other hand, a little less than necessary may not produce even a breeze, although the fan is at its maximum power. To get an exact idea, always contact the professional Dallas local electricians.

Many ceiling fan blades have a 13° or 14° angle. This seems appropriate for most rooms and situations. The ends of this are a low of 11° and a high of 22° with some special fans that offer beyond this range. There is no concept of good or bad when choosing the degree of inclination of fan blades, it all depends on location, application and personal preference.

When choosing a ceiling fan, most people think of a general style or theme, and then combine the fan with the size of the room. Finally, they look for the degree of inclination of the blades.

Energy Savings

A great benefit of considering ceiling fans is savings on energy bills. You can save a lot of money with ceiling fans as long as these are used properly. For this, you need help from professional Dallas local electricians.

In summer, use your ceiling fans counterclockwise. When you allow the fan to rotate in this direction, it will keep the air moving. The moving air feels cooler, so you will not have to use your air conditioner as much. As it helps keeping the air moving, it keeps thermostat higher. Air conditioning units use much more energy than a ceiling fan.

In winter, you should also use them. In this case, make them run to the minimum and counter-clockwise, so that you can push the warm air down where you are.

The benefits of doing such kinds of things with fans in your home are definitive, so you will spend less on energy if you invest a little money in ceiling fans. For proper installation, entrust the job to the best Dallas local electricians.


A ceiling fan is supposed to be between 2.5 and 3 meters high for the best possible results.

  • If you install a fan on a lower ceiling, there should a system which can hold the fan firmly.
  • For a higher ceiling, use a rod to extend the space between the fan and the ceiling.
  • If you tilt your fan, use an angled bracket to level it.
  • It is important to disconnect the room’s power as a safety measure.
  • For installation, hire the best Dallas local electricians.

Follow the provided instructions carefully to make sure everything is done correctly.

Most modern homes are pre-wired, so you will not have to perform any previous electrical work beyond hanging it. However, if this is not the case, you will have to do a little electrician job.

If you do not feel safe, hire professional Dallas local electricians to get the fans installed at affordable charges.

If all of the above is taken into consideration, you can enjoy several years of comfort and energy saved with your new ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans are a great addition in any house, as they add to the decorative style of each room. There is a wide variety of fans to choose from. So, choose the fans that best suit your tastes and can provide the desired functionality. The fans can help you reduce the heating and cooling costs of the room through air recirculation, decreasing the time the air conditioner has to stay on.

Fans need periodic inspection, so always hire the best Dallas local electricians to make the most of your fans.

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